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Your Hotel FAQ


When you arrive at the hotel have your hotel voucher ready (this came with your tickets). You will be told to go to the reception desk and register while they are removing the luggage from the bus. It is important that everyone in your party goes to the reception desk at the same time because it is at this point that you get your plastic wrist bands which identify you as a guest and entitle you to all the services of the hotel. Depending on the system your hotel has, you will be asked to identify your luggage and either follow the bellhop up to your room or be told your luggage will be up shortly. We usually give the bellhop $3 to $5 US as a tip but remember this is your option.


The major hotels provide bottled water in your room daily and bottled water can be purchased in the hotel shops, or is available at the bars or restaurants.

Don’t leave home without everything you need. Most hotels have a well-stocked store, but the prices are out of this world for everyday items including candy, books, and toiletries like shampoo and suntan lotion.

Stores you can expect to find at hotels are gift shops, convenience stores, hairdresser, photo shop, jewellery store, clothing,leather goods, and swimsuit stores. You cannot bargain at these stores - prices are as marked. Everything will be priced in Dominican Pesos. Yes they will accept US$ but expect to be given a rate much lower than the bank or cambio exchange rate.