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Your Sympathy Would Be Appreciated

Just found out we couldn’t travel to DR this January…We will definitely be going in Jan 2010, so until then I was hoping EVERYONE can keep us informed of the great times they’ll be having.

sorry to hear you won’t be travelling for a while, hope everything is okay…

Thanks! Things aren’t too bad, my wife injured her arms (half of our income), so we decided a trip this winter was out of our reach.

I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s arm. Hope she wasn’t wrestling with you ;D 2010 will come soon enough, well I hope so for you anyways.

No, it was a work related injury, but now she does have time to wrestle with me! Who needs Punta Cana?

I would assume you will be doing all the cooking, cleaning and opening her favorite beverage for her then. ;D

uumm…I do all that stuff anyway

good man!!!

see you in 2010

i’ll take care about all your greenies til then,
so you don’t have to open those beer bottles for her.
my wife will do that, and for ME
this one is for my sympathy for ya